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I was on TV with Emmy Award Winner @joethemorton! Check it out in my new episode of Chasing LA! #htl #scandal #elipope #chasingla

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I was on TV with Emmy Award Winner @joethemorton! Check it out in my new episode of Chasing LA! #htl #scandal #elipope #chasingla

Gladiators! Did you miss my TV appearance with Emmy Award Winner Joe Morton?! Check it out now on Chasing LA! I also perform one of his monologues from the show! scandalmoments beliskner scandalrehab sabiacoruja scandalabc fyeahkerrywashington abcscandalfans 

Don’t be afraid of what could happen. Go out there and chase your dreams. You may be surprised by how God blesses your life once you commit. Nothing is too big or small for the man upstairs. 😝 #5 #chasingla #motivation #hollywood

Pool day with the bestie before work! @gsandlerphoto #chasingla #losangeles #hollywood #summer

BEACH DAY!!! Loving this weather today. #la #sealbeach #cali #chasingla

Gladiators it happened!!! I met and chatted on cam with the incomparable @joethemorton today. First I interviewed @jscandalp a year ago, then @ktqlowes, then met @kerrywashington who recognized me & then tweeted & instagrammed our pic together, and now I’ve met Joe Morton! What a journey I’m on. Thanks to @_ajgibson and the crew over at Hollywood Today Live for making this happen. #host #scandal #gladiator #chasingla

That was the most amazing concert ever! I laughed, I danced, I cried. I’ll never forget this night and it rained! It was perfect and so is @beyonce. Love Jay Z too. He killed it. #ontherun #la #rosebowl

Had such an amazing time! Best concert I’ve ever been too. Love @beyonce and Jay-Z even more now. #foreveryoung #ontherun #la #rosebowl